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MIM Construction AB thrive on safety since more than 20 years. All that time we have been working with functional design of safety features in the modern vehicle industry.

We have documentation from more than a hundred crash tests with our products together with a lot of the major automobile manufacturers and we are well aware of the regulations and demands regarding crash safety that applies for the automotive manufacturers.

In our line of products you will, among other things, find Variocage dog cages, Variogate dog gate, MIMsafe cargo and safety nets.



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Have a nice summer.

We at MIM would like to wish you all a nice summer.
During week 28 - 31 we will have a reduced staff due to vacations, so it can take a little longer to get answers on your questions.
We also have a new switch board number to our office, +46 10-55 00 450.

Travel safe with your pets this summer and don´t leave them in a hot car!
Have a nice summer!

Travel safe this summer

To travel safe in traffic is important for us all.
This is highlightet in the US.
See Robert Cabral talk about safe travel with a pet in the car in the Today Show.
Link: How to safely travel with your pet.
Also notice the crate with the yellow line on the floor.

Travel safe this summer.

We wish you a plesant summer

Time is running and we are closing in with the summer period.
In Sweden we will be celebrating midsummer on the 19th of june, and then MIM is closed.
We are also closing in on our vacation period. During week 28, 29 and 30 we will be very low in staff and will not be able to answer our phone as normal. We will also be very limited in deliveries during this period.

Note! We have a new switchboard number +46 10 55 00 450 and new phonenumbers. More info under contacts.


Changed phone numbers to MIM!!

We have changed switch board and at the same time we have changed phone numbers.
Our new phone number is +46(0)10-55 00 450
Direct phone numbers are available on our contact side.


This is how the Variocage works.

The automotive manufacturers crash test their cars according to guvermental rules and laws. Organizations like US and Euro NCAP do consumer tests on same issues.

Variocage is tested in a simiar way and cooperates with your cars safety features.
By doing this we are confident in saying our cages are crash tested and approved.

Have a look at our animation of how Variocage behaves in different car accident situations.

English version